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Náhuatl de la Sierra Resource

Learn more about the Náhuatl de la Sierra Zongalica.

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Motilon Bari of Colombia Resource

Learn more about the Motilon Bari of Colombia

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Suruahá of the Amazon Resource

Learn more about the Suruahá of the Amazon Basin.

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Students in Latin America PDF

Share this bookmark to show how students are serving in Latin America.

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imbStudents is the student and young adult mobilization ministry of IMB, providing international mission opportunities throughout the world for individuals and teams.

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Today's Prayer

August 28, 2014
WUPG SHUAR ECUADOR TEAM - We have just had our first 3 Shuar come to the Lord this past month. Pray for our ministry when we return in October. It will look so different now that we have some believers and can begin to focus on some discipleship not just total evangelism, which is exciting we just want to do the right thing

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God changes lives in diverse megacity of Buenos Aires… via @ampprayer ‘Radical’ pastor David Platt elected IMB president


There is no greater mission than to make Him known. - Louie Giglio RT @nateakin "Why David Platt Is A Great Choice For IMB President  … … @plattdavid"