American Peoples

Hands On - MK Teacher Link

Teach MKs in Colombia on the edge of the Amazon.

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Motilon Bari of Colombia Resource

Learn more about the Motilon Bari of Colombia

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Hands On - Sports Ministry in Colombia Link

Share the Gospel with an unreached people group by engaging people with sports activities

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[AmericasStories] Honduran ag center, IMB bring hope to Guatemalan villages Story

The Chorti Agricultural Center in Cabañas, Honduras, provides tangible evidence of God’s love through agricultural training.

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[AmericasStories] Indigenous peoples separated by geography, conflict, gospel access Infographic

Three indigenous people groups are reached with the gospel in Panama but unreached in Colombia. See what else separates them.

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It's not that complicated. Make Disciples - Matt. 28:18-20 #TheNationsAreWaiting Looking for a place to go in the Americas this summer of fall? Check out: #TheNationsAreWaiting

IMB Americas… Family dynamics change for China’s ‘one-child policy’ generation… via @asiastories